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Top 11 Usability Resources

Excellent resources for Usability information.

  1. Usability.gov : resources and research-based design guidelines from the US Dept of Health and Human Services.
  2. UsabilityNet : A European Union project that provides usability and user centred design resources to practitioners, managers and EU projects.
  3. UseIt : Jakob Nielsen’s Website
  4. User Interface Engineering : Jared Spool’s Website
  5. GUUUI : : The Interactions Designers Coffee Break (weekly postings and quarterly articles)
  6. InfoDesign: Understanding by Design : articles about Design
  7. TaskZ : An executive resource for user-centered design from Mauro NewMedia
  8. Usable Web : Search over 34,000 publications about Human-Computer Interaction.
  9. Usability News.com : news and articles from the British HCI group
  10. Web Design References : University of Minnesota Duluth’s reference portal
  11. WebWord : The usability blog of John S. Rhodes

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