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Top 29 Ruby on Rails Demos Exampls Code Samples : Web Developer Lists : eConsultant

Top 29 Ruby on Rails Demos Exampls Code Samples

Demos / examples / code samples of Ruby on Rails applications / components.

  1. Ajax Scaffold : Generates a production ready, fully styled, interface for managing models
  2. AJAX Live Data Grid Example : Data sub-forms at Unspace.ca
  3. CalendarGrid : build output like a calendar at RubyForge.org
  4. CalendarHelper : methods are intended to make the use of the DHTML/JavaScript calendar as easy as possible ; at RubyOnRails
  5. Collaboa : a collaborative tool for developers using Subversion
  6. DynamicCalendarHelper : calendar with CSS ; by Jeremy Voorhis
  7. Eribium : a Rails CMS
  8. Hieraki2 : wiki engine / CMS
  9. HowToUseDragAndDropSorting : How to use drag and drop Sorting ; at RubyOnRails
  10. Instant Rails : Instant Rails is a one-stop Rails runtime solution containing Ruby, Rails, Apache, and MySQL, all pre-configured and ready to run.
  11. Integrate FCKEditor with your Ruby on Rails application : rich text editor integration ; by Joshua M Charles
  12. Integrating a Rich-text Widget with Struts : rich-text replacement for the textarea ; at OReillyNet
  13. Instiki : wiki clone ; at Instiki.org
  14. LiveTree : JavaScript/DHTML tree widget that loads data asynchronously ; at RubyOnRails
  15. Locomotive : simple tool to help you develop Ruby on Rails applications on Mac OS X
  16. LoginGenerator : add authentication, users, and logins to your rails app ; at RubyOnRails
  17. Movtable : sort table
  18. Open Source Ruby On Rails Shopping Cart : e-commerce platform at SubImage
  19. PaginationHelper : aids the process of paging large collections of Active Record objects ; at RubyOnRails
  20. Progress Bars with GD2 and Ruby : progress bars ; at Husney
  21. rmagick : file/image uploading ; at BigBold
  22. RubyInstaller : This is a “one-click”, self-contained Windows installer that contains the Ruby language itself, dozens of popular extensions and packages, a syntax-highlighting editor and execution environment ; at RubyForge
  23. Simple Ticket : trouble ticket system written using Ruby
  24. SortHelper 1 : SortHelper will create links for your users to sort tables.
  25. SortHelper3 : Helper to sort tables or result sets using clickable column headers.
  26. Substruct : The first and only Ruby on Rails open source e-commerce project.
  27. TinyFile : basic file uploads in a rails app
  28. Typo : Ruby blogging software.
  29. WebDAV Ruby On Rails Plugin : create Ruby On Rails controllers which will respond to WebDAV requests

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