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Top 39 Forum Services

Services that add forums to your site.

  1. ActiveBoard : start building a community today, with Sparklit’s lightweight forum.
  2. Aimoo : free message board solution; paid upgrades.
  3. akiStuff : Aki forum (PHPBB) hosting service; revenue sharing.
  4. Boardhost : offers both paid, ad-free message boards, and free message boards, which contain advertising.
  5. BoardServer from MyComputer.com; paid service.
  6. Board Zero : free web forum hosting
  7. Bravenet Forums : An interactive forum on your website in minutes; from Bravenet
  8. CGI For Me : 10 different scripts to make your site interactive.
  9. CommunityZero : online communities; paid service; fee based on pageviews.
  10. Conforums : Free remotely hosted message boards which are completely customizable using hundreds of built in features.
  11. DiscussionApp II : service by Server.com combines aspects of message boards, mailing lists, and blogs.
  12. Echelon Forums : free, ad-supported message boards.
  13. ezboard : gold community message board; paid.
  14. Forumat : free message boards ; paid pro upgrade.
  15. Forumer : free message boards
  16. ForumHoster : free message boards; paid premium hosting.
  17. Free-Forum : free message boards
  18. Free-Forums.org : free phpBB forums
  19. Free Forum World : free phpBB forums
  20. FreeIBBoard : free invision board hosting account, and run your own forum
  21. FreeMyForum : free phpbb forum hosting service
  22. ForumForFree : free forum hosting, with automatic, easy creation
  23. ForumsPlace : free phpBB powered bulletin board
  24. forumSpring : free message boards using phpBB.
  25. GreatBoard : free phpBB forum hosting provider
  26. HostedScripts.com : free remotely hosted CGI scripts
  27. Hyperboards : free message board service
  28. InvisionFree : free message boards
  29. Kazorum : free phpbb forum hosting service
  30. MSN Communities : free; from Microsoft; ad-supported message boards.
  31. Network54 (formerly Netbabbler) : free, ad-supported message boards, blogs, chat rooms
  32. ProBoards : create your own forum for free
  33. QuickTopic : free message boards instead of just email.
  34. Ready Bulletin Board : paid service; bulletin board on the readybb.com server
  35. RunBoard : free hosted web based message boards
  36. Sudden Launch : free message board
  37. TalkThis : Free phpBB forum hosting, it’s that simple.
  38. VoyForums : free, ad-supported message boards.
  39. World Crossing : free, ad-supported message boards and chat rooms.

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