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Top 31 Fonts Articles

Articles on fonts.

  1. Accessible Web Typography : free HTML book by Jim Byrne
  2. Know Your Type : Starting points for typographic inspiration
  3. Fine Typography for the Web : slideshow on typography by MezooBlue
  4. Font guide for webmasters : list of fonts available in Windows and Mac.
  5. Cameron Moll : The non-typographer’s guide to practical typeface selection : article on font selection.
  6. The Anatomy of Web Fonts [Design Principles] : at SitePoint
  7. Typography : article explaining aliasing/anti-aliasing.
  8. The World of Fonts : article about the history of font design
  9. TrueType Typography : info about TTF fonts and technology
  10. Accessible web text – sizing up the issues. : In part 2 of my introduction to accessible web text, I explore the issues surrounding text size; explain what all the fuss is about; and suggest some useful approaches you can adopt to ensure the text on your web pages will be readable to your visitors.
  11. All about fonts for captions and subtitles : Screenfont.CA is part of an upcoming project to research and develop a set of standards for captioning, audio description, subtitling, and dubbing.
  12. Dynamic Text Replacement : replacing text with image using php.
  13. Typography on the Web – Beauty is Not Letterform Deep : article on using HTML text instead of images.
  14. Effective Style with em : use em instead of pixel or percentage.
  15. Five simple steps to better typography by Mark Boulton : 5 tips for the typography beginner.
  16. Readabilty by ScratchMedia : Everyone benefits from clear, readable text content. People with visual impairments benefit particularly.
  17. Semantic Typography: Bridging the XHTML gap : article on typographic structure and standards.
  18. serif vs. sans-serif : Article by Faruk Ates,
  19. The Trouble With EM ’n EN (and Other Shady Characters) : by Peter K Sheerin at SitePoint
  20. Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton : on-line companion to the book Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students, by Ellen Lupton
  21. Typography and the User Interface : by Daniel Kuo
  22. CSS Font Size Explained : article on CSS font size and usage of relative versus fixed sized fonts.
  23. How to size text using ems : Text for the screen is sized with CSS in terms of pixels, ems or keywords.
  24. CSS Typography By Garrett Dimon : article on using CSS for typography purposes.
  25. Power To The People: Relative Font Sizes : article on relative font sizes.
  26. Desert Island Fonts Round 1 : If you could only buy 6 fonts, what would they be?
  27. Desert Island Fonts Round 2 : If you could only buy 6 fonts, what would they be?
  28. Desert Island Fonts Round 3 : If you could only buy 6 fonts, what would they be?
  29. Desert Island Fonts Final Round : If you could only buy 6 fonts, what would they be?
  30. 25 Best Quality License-Free Fonts : roundup of 25 free fonts.
  31. A Look Back at 2005’s Top Fonts : Linotype.com’s Most Requested

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