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Top 42 Accessibility Articles : Web Developer Lists : eConsultant

Top 42 Accessibility Articles

Collected articles on website accessibility.

  1. Typography and the Aging Eye
  2. Don’t ‘click here’: writing meaningful link text
  3. How to make figures and presentations that are friendly to colorblind people
  4. Skip navigation links
  5. Best practices for online captioning
  6. Making AJAX work with screen readers
  7. Skip links
  8. Building ASP.NET 2.0 Web Sites Using Web Standards
  9. Tips and tools: Adobe Acrobat and PDF
  10. Increasing Word accessibility
  11. Guidelines for accessible and usable web sites: observing users who work with screen readers
  12. Usable and accessible form validation and error recovery
  13. Bring on the tables
  14. Speaking form labels – summary
  15. How to make your blog accessible to blind readers
  16. Accesskeys: unlocking hidden navigation
  17. A more accessible map
  18. The accessibility hat trick: getting abbreviations right
  19. Prettier accessible forms
  20. Web design for dyslexic users
  21. Flash MX accessibility issues
  22. Using accesskeys is easy
  23. AJAX and accessibility
  24. Web Accessibility Self-Evaluation Tool
  25. Designing web content for people with learning disabilities
  26. On scalable text
  27. Accessible forms
  28. Easy Read and other advice about writing for people with learning disabilities
  29. Making Flash usable for users with disabilities
  30. Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA: alternatives to visual turing tests on the web
  31. Inaccessibility of visually-oriented anti-robot tests: problems and alternatives
  32. Using accesskeys: is it worth it?
  33. Link relationships as an alternative to accesskeys
  34. More reasons why we don’t use accesskeys
  35. Making it accessible: a look at weighted lists
  36. Readability and its implications for web content accessibility
  37. Relative sizing and images
  38. An accessible method of hiding HTML content
  39. Creating accessible JavaScript
  40. Improving usability for screen reader users
  41. Web accessibility for screen magnifier users
  42. Accessible CSS forms

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